Armored Vehicles – Why Use Them?

Armored Vehicles – Why Use Them?

5 de January de 2021

AC Executive Travel offers our clients the option of renting armored vehicles in Vitória (ES) and municipalities to guarantee the safety of those who are looking for this type of vehicle.

In today’s times, where crime is on the rise and where security is increasingly scarce, customers who use this type of service know what they are looking for.

The vehicles that we offer have level IIIA armor and are vehicles of models under 3 years old. Our drivers have defensive driving course and know the importance of the safety of all passengers.

Armored vehicles offer us more security and bring us more peace of mind on the roads. Because after all, our greatest asset is our family!

To contract our services, just send an e-mail to: [email protected] or through the numbers: +55 (27) 3141 2009/3059 2009.

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Remember: Armored vehicle rental in Vitoria is with AC Executive Travel!