5 de January de 2021

Does your employees arrive angry, tired, or are not productive? All this, can be happening for a simple reason! Transportation to the company. They face gigantic queues at the terminals, crowded buses, when those ‘famous’ strikes without any notice happens. And those employees who drive their own vehicles who also suffer from the daily stress of the roads and are agonizing the traffic. And, you also have those employees who arrive to the state and need to carry out the transfer from the airport to the company or hotel.

Have you thought about these collaborators?! Hire our company now and see below the advantages that this can offer your company:

Your company can hire our services to transport its employees on a daily basis, guaranteeing their well-being. So your employees can sit comfortably and enjoy the ride to read, surf the internet or even take that nap.

Our fleet is complete by vehicles and executive vans, minibuses and buses and we also offer armored vehicles.

Another great advantage of hiring this type of service with us is the increased rest. Do you know why? Although employees are in the vehicles as passengers, they are not driving, or standing on a crowded bus, and consequently do not directly suffer the stress of congestion, becoming more willing and productive for their duties in the company.

But our company is not limited to that. We can perform the transfers that happen due to the visits of your clients or even directors who come from other states or countries. Those sporadic transfers that you know…

So do not waste more time and know how to hire our services and also discover the advantage of hiring our fleet. Outsourcing of fleet with drivers is also another advantage and this economically speaking, guarantees to your company, a huge cost reduction.

To contract our services, just send an e-mail to: [email protected] or through the numbers: +55 (27) 3141 2009/3059 2009.

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Remember: Corporate Mobility in Vitoria is with AC Executive Travel!