Getting to know the Capixaba Mountains: The charms of Pedra Azul

Getting to know the Capixaba Mountains: The charms of Pedra Azul

5 de January de 2021

Pedra Azul has its charms and is truly one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. One of the most famous destinations in Espírito Santo. For having a mild and romantic climate and good gastronomy, the region has been gaining more and more attention from tourists, especially in the winter. The main tourist spot is the famous Pedra do Lagarto (better known as Pedra Azul), which can change color up to 36 times a day, due to the solar incidence.

AC Executive Travel offers daily transfers to Pedra Azul. Where our clients seek to know this charming place up close. Our tours include visiting the famous Route of the Lizard, we can check out the Pedra Azul State Park, which is quite famous for having a trail that leads to the natural pools. We can also get to know the Fjordland: Ecological cavalcade park. It is possible to make several trails for adults and children with horses of the Norwegian breed Fjords. Between the months of July and August, the cherry trees of Pedra Azul sprout, in this way, the region is even more beautiful. The largest presence is near the Pedra Azul Park.

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