5 de January de 2021

Have you heard this question? “ Can’t you improve this price? ´´ Yeah, in our opinion all businesses go through it, but what to do?

AC Executive Travel, a company that operates throughout Brazil and also in Europe and the United States ensures the safety and comfort of its customers. For that, they offer the best in the market, such as modern and assured vehicles and executive vans. Marketing Manager Kenia Valadares says: “ Our company puts the safety of everyone who uses our services first. For us, the vehicle and driver must be able to provide an excellent service to our customers. If not, it is not the standard that AC Executive Travel values´´ she says.

But what does this mean for customers, we asked businessman Alisson Corona: “ It means we do not adhere to high or low prices. Our company fulfills every requirement that our customers need and request from us. We deliver a service of excellence to everyone with each client’s budget! ´´ he says.

Well, not always the clients (we) seek to know what is behind that quoted value. But as service is not tangible as when buying an item, often making that buddy price can lead us to major inconvenience and headaches, or sometimes it can have an effect vice versa. What we do know, is that when we are on the road, our safety is everything. After all, we want to reach the final destination safe and happy with what we have hired. After all, our life is our greatest asset.

Learn more about what the company has to offer, contact:

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Remember: AC Executive Travel What we do, we do the best!