6 de January de 2021

In 2020, we found ourselves in a situation that no one expected to experience – the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil. A virus unknown to the world and which unfortunately left many families without their loved ones.

Companies from all branches were impacted. Some failed to continue and close their doors, while others continued to experience many difficulties.

This was the case for AC Executive Travel, a company consolidated in the Brazilian market, experiencing the biggest obstacle of its trajectory, since it appeared in the corporate mobility market.

“ In March 2020, when here in Vitória (ES) the coronavirus contamination started, we found ourselves in a very difficult situation. Partner companies, in which we provided services for, requested a reduction in transport and soon afterwards canceled all of them, as their employees were working from home.´´ says Alisson Corona (Owner).

Even with all the difficulties, AC Executive Travel, with the company’s marketing sector, started a new project. ´´ We saw that we needed to innovate and renew the services we provide and also the brand.´´ says Alisson.

The company started its renovation and overcoming project in October. ´´After several studies and meetings, AC Executive Travel needed to improve its productivity throughout the Brazilian territory and also leverage the international sector. We also decided to innovate the brand and for that the logo was also updated.´´ says Kenia Valadares (Marketing Manager).

Now, with the arrival of the vaccines, 2021 will be the year of renewal and resilience for the company. Soon, the new website will be launched, as well as the revelation of its new logo.

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Marketing Team

AC Executive Travel