For a decade, AC Global Travel has specialized in carrying out class exchanges for the offshore sector. With our expertise, the coordinators of the boats are calmer and can focus on other activities they perform.

But after all, what is a crew change?
For a good function of the offshore platform, it is necessary to hire several functions so that the success of the operation is guaranteed. With this, the crew members carry out their duties by means of a pre-defined scale and thus the offshore companies hire us to carry out the replacement of a group of crew members, where, in the case, the disembarkation/embarkation of the platform or vessel that they operate takes place.
These class changes take place through sedans, vans, minibuses or executive buses to various destinations such as hotels, airports or residences.

Where do we offer this service?
AC Global Travel performs crew changes in the main ports of Brazil. Our clients have a team and accredited vehicles to carry out this type of service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, the entire service is monitored in real time and they also have bilingual drivers.

Talk to our specialists and find out even today how we can help you with your vessel’s crew changes:
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